Summary of Mobile Hard Disk Repair

Keyword: Mobile hard disk NTFS disk structure damaged and unable to read CHKDSK aborted

Last May, my mobile hard disk went on strike suddenly, and even my computer would report an error: "No access, the disk structure is damaged and can't be read."

After checking the data and using the command "chkdsk character: / f" to fix the problem, we found that some files still could not be displayed after visiting, so we installed a hard disk repair software to try the effect. The result was not only unsuccessful, but also failed to access. Then we executed the command of CHKDSK to show: "The type of file system is NTFS format, and it is impossible to determine the volume version and status, CHKDSK is in. "Stop." The hard disk has become a brick, and it's a good time to be upset.

Think of it as an index catalog problem. The hardware itself should not be damaged, but it will take a little time to repair it. When it was busy, it was thrown aside. I didn't expect to throw it all the way up to now. Today, it suddenly occurred to me that it took me a whole morning to fix it, so I simply recorded the method. you must use external hard drive repair software.

Said ahead

Don't hesitate to ask google. I found a CSDN blog called "File or Directory Damaged and Unreadable - CHKDSK Discontinued" on google, which is very similar to my situation, but the layout has failed. Fortunately, there are articles with the same name in Baidu's experience, and there are still some pictures in it. With this, the hard disk has been worked out. Because the blogger also reprints others, I don't know the original author. Thank you here. This paper mainly updates the strategy, such as invading or deleting.


1. Prepare a storage space that can store the data in the hard disk, restore the data and repair the hard disk. Its basic principle is: restoring hard disk data with software importing new storage space formatting faulty hard disk copying back data. Advantages: Effective and direct data recovery; Disadvantages: the need for additional large and small capacity of hard disks, time-consuming.

2. Mainly use software to repair the damaged sector of hard disk. Advantages: no extra space, basically non-destructive repair; disadvantages: slightly difficult, relatively time-consuming. Note that this method is only for the above situation, other circumstances do not ensure viability.


WinHex, a good 16-bit file editing and disk editing software.


1. First download and install WinHex

Official address

Official download version can be free trial for 45 days, after activation, all functions can be unlocked. Because we need to modify the sector, the inactive version does not support write operations, so we must activate, or you can find the green version online.

Unofficial address

2. Connect the damaged mobile hard disk to the computer and run WinHex software as an administrator

Find -> Tools -> Open -> Disks -> Select Disks to Repair -> Determine

If offset's 000000000 location is shown in the following figure (mainly to see if NTFS appears in the position of the red box), the system file is NTFS, which is only displayed in RAW format. MFT needs to be repaired.

3. Start repairing sector

Generally, the cluster number of $MFT stored on mobile hard disk is 786432. Press Ctrl + G on the partition page and enter 786432 in the cluster number of the dialog box that appears. Make sure. Note: Select "Logical Driver" before you can select clusters.

You will find that this interface, originally should be MFT file location 0C0000000 into USBC.

Make sure you scroll down slowly with your mouse until you find 4649 4C 45, and then you can see that the text in the red box is $MFT.

Normally, there are four data in the order of $MFT, $MFTMirro, $LogFile, $Volume. Each data begins with 46,494 C 45.

There may be two situations:

Due to data migration, some data are lost. In the original, $Volume was lost, only the first three were visible. Select the first three data, generally up to 0c0000E00, Ctrl + C replication. The first numerical click on the horizontal axis 0 at 0c0000000 (that is, the position of USBC just now) is written by Ctrl + B.

Then reopen a normal disk, go to cluster number 786432, and slowly look for the fourth $volume data starting at 4649 4C 45. Start at 0c0000c00 and end at 0c0000DF0. Select Ctrl + C to replicate. Back to the disk that needs to be repaired, click on the first value of the horizontal axis 0 at 0c0000c00 and write Ctrl + B.

The data is not lost, but the order is wrong. Copy the four data and write them in sequence at the starting bit 0c0000000. Delete duplicate data.

After completing the above operation, save it. Usually you can access the hard disk here.

4. Repair hard disk with CMD

Run the command prompt as an administrator and enter "chkdsk disc character: / f". There is a space between the colon and the backslash, and the disc character is the disc character of the moving hard disk. For example, "chkdsk i:/f". This command checks the basic file system structure, file name links, and security descriptors.

5. Display hidden files

After successfully accessing the hard disk, most of the information can be displayed and invoked normally, but some of the information can not be seen in the resource manager. It may be caused by a virus. The following can be done:

Method 1:

First, open a text document and enter: attrib-s-h-r. / s/d. Save in bat format.

Copy the file to the USB disk and double-click the execution.

When the file is displayed, copy it to the computer.

Format the USB disk.

Method two:

Run the command prompt as an administrator and enter the mobile hard disk.

After entering, enter the following command: attrib-s-h-a-r/s/d*, return, you can.

Extension: attrib-s-h-a-r/s/d* means removing files and folders from the U disk: hidden attributes (-s), system attributes (-h), archive attributes (-a) and read-only attributes (-h), / s and / D means that directories and subdirectories are treated the same way. The attrib command is a command that sets the properties of files and folders. You can enter: attrib /? In CMD to see the detailed description of the command. See the U disk file data are maliciously hidden how to do.

6. Repair chk file

The file displayed in this way may have. chk format file, which is the "lost cluster recovery file" generated by the system after the user sorted out the hard disk, that is, the hidden file occupying the storage space.

CHK File Repair Method (Step 3 directly from above):

Before downloading the chk repair software, we first repair the disk, open my computer, right-click on the disk that needs to be repaired, select the properties, then click on the Tool tab in the property box of the disk, then click the Start Check button in the Tool tab to check the error, and then check to automatically repair the file system error in the pop-up disk repair window, and then click on the Tool tab. Start button.

After the disk is repaired, we need to set up the display of all hidden files, including system files. Click on the tool menu in my computer menu, then click on the folder option, then click on the view in the folder option window, then cancel the option of hiding protected system files in the advanced settings of view, and check the option of showing hidden files, folders and disks below.

Through these two steps, you open the disk you just repaired. If you see a file like FOUND.000 or FOUND.001, it means that the lost file in your disk has been repaired by the system as chk file. Now we can use professional software to recover files, such as CHK file recovery experts, FinalData, Recuva and so on. After the search is completed, you can see the search results.

Then we select a chk file and click the Recovery button. We will see that the software prompt file has been successfully restored.

We open the chk file recovery expert, select the disk partition where the CHK file is located at the top left of the software window, and then click the search button. See the CHK Guide for details.

After some setbacks, the mobile hard disk was finally repaired and most of the hidden files were recovered. It was a success (laughter).

Be careful

If mobile hard disk encounters problems, do not format it immediately!!! Most of the problems can be solved, but once you format the data, it's hard to get it back.

In WinHex, the front icon of the file has an "X" or a "X"? Is previously deleted or moved file traces, can not modify properties. You can restore to the specified folder by right-clicking restore / copy.